Charitable Mint by CMS and Watt Technology
Help The Refugees
About The Charitable Mint

Our community is aware of the devastating conditions that Ukrainian people are have to face. It's painful to know that the people have to flee their homes and country; get separated from their close ones who stayed to fight for their freedom. Our community is organizing this fundraising mint in order to support and help them with the humanitarian needs.

We decided to raise funds through NFT due to the proof in the blockchain network about every single donation making it a transparent process.
The NFTs will be always in the donator's wallet as a memory of the lives they supported and saved.
Packages to be Shipped
Our goal is to collect $100,000 but not limited to, by the end of the month to buy and then send the packages of clothes, sanitary products, and kitchen appliances.
Launching the "Support for Ukraine" collection
Purchasing and the packages through the collected donation from the NFTs

Shipping the packages to the Polish/Ukrainian Border

Distribute the packages including clothes and other necessities to the Ukrainian refugees


We are a determined group of crypto enthusiasts and miners, who are against the war and supportive of the refugees in the ongoing Ukrainian crisis, aiming to help the Ukrainian citizens in this difficult time. The charitable mint is supported by Watt Technology LLC and Crypto Miners Syndicate. The donors will be in progress of the entire process.

Help us make life better for the Ukrainian refugees
Donate to support our mission!
Mint occurs at CMS's minting Dapp
Board of trustees
If you would like to join our team, please contact us by email:
Reports and documents
We responsibly monitor our documentation, and are ready to show all the fund's reports
Financial Report (will be released after the mint)
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Report on the fund's work (will be released after the mint)
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Package purchasing documents (released after mint)
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